Here is the TODO list for the discontinued game Fly. It was one of the first official TODO lists that I have made, and as such it features a decrepit format of listing the newest entries last. The last entry represents the things I have to do if I ever decided to restart this project.

Make the SLight hold the index of self

Add deactivate all lights function

Add activate/deactivate light function


Add CLightManager

Make is so that some things are parented to certain objects - as the control their rendering - in the post render

-Far planets + ships - far as in outside its atmosphere
-Close planet(the one we're in)
-Inner ships

If outside the atmoshere this does not matter, but we can do it in this order anyway...
so simply render the closest planet as the planet #2 in the list always.

Fix the lights in planetsystem so that their indices are not messed up by the darklights of the atmosphere - NO


Add functions to render control to do the render order correctly, probably it should be located in the CGame

Add fetching fns to CStarSys to give stuff to render control

Make a switch to deferentiate between when observer is in or out of atmos

When it is in, simply use current sys
WHen it is out, make a plane using a vector from observer to planet, and check other ships against it instead of atmosphere trick

Finish model interpolation to use LOD's
Make CMOdelManager

Make 2 models for atm's, one flipped one normal
Fix scaling...

Loop through objects, if they are colliding add them to the sphere's list of people, activate them all
and then do collision sims per collision space

Loop through objects
If spheres intersect, add them to a collision array -> also have each ship contain the index of its coll group
Loop through collision arrays, if they collide - activate them
Do a step
Recover the velocity data
DeactivateAllObjects(in the first loop)

Add function to adjust the position of the physics body
Add velocity recovery fns to physics drive
Add collide mesh stuff to the ship

fix skybox

finish collision detection in physics driver
do vessel rendering

Flesh out SObject class

Add device loading...

Fix keyboard

-min/max distance for volume -> direct relationship

Make add sphere
Adjust collision detection in starsys
MAke bullets die upon contact
Weapon device
Add muting option for lights

Weapon device
Light Muting
Make Noise when colliding
Make collision fn's for bullet and vessel
Fix bullet start positions

Add names to devices
Fix bullet start positions
Fix DeInit() for all

Fancy stuff

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